The Environmental Challenge

Eutrophication Water Friendly Plant Nutrients

This NASA photo from the edge of outer space is the damage done to our waters by traditional fertilizer or plant food products. The Mississippi River Delta (upper photo of the three) is just one of many examples of the damage done. Notice the teal colored area. This is the Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” and covers an area of 7,000 square miles. Learn More »

Exclusive “3R” Plant Water Saver Technology

Exclusive 3R Plant Water Saver Technology

Each Nutri-FX® nutrient carrier particle is a tiny “sponge-like” reservoir with built in “nano” pumps that attract and retain water equivalent to 50% of its own weight and will release that water when demanded by the plant. This exclusive Nutri-FX® feature benefits plants in two ways: The “Ounce of Prevention” & The “Pound of Cure”. Learn More »