Volcanic Rock

Improved Growing Conditions for All Plants & Trees

  • Makes Your Soil-Mix Better
  • Increased Soil Aeration
  • Increased Yields & Quality
  • Increased Nutrient Mobility
  • 3R Water Saver Technology

Nutri-FX® Volcanic RockTM

Nutri-FX® Volcanic RockTM can be used as a soil supplement or a growing medium that will be a guaranteed asset to all and any of your greenery. Expect increased quality and yield in the vegetable garden; bigger, brighter, and more plentiful blooms in the flower garden; and lush, deep greens in your shrubs and trees. Nutri-FX® Volcanic RockTM growing supplement (when placed in the soil or growing medium) will increase aeration and retain nutrient content and water that has not yet been used by the plant, thus improving the quality of the plant and the growing medium.

The Nutri-FX® Difference

Nutri-FX® nutrient products remain dormant until the plant desires it. In juxtaposition to traditional, organic, or slow-release fertilizers that release nutrients continuously regardless of plant demand, Nutri-FX® prevents nutrient loss that can prove detrimental to our groundwater, lakes, rivers, and streams. Our products withhold up to 90% of potentially lost nutrients, and that is the Nutri-FX® guarantee!

Guaranteed Analysis: 0-0-3

(Nutri-FX’s® minimal nutrient loss to leaching = more performance)

Total Nitrogen (N) 0 %
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 0 %
Soluble Potash (K2O) 3 %

Price: $0.00

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