Top Tomato Kit

Seed to Harvest

  • Arid Climate Performer
  • Retains Water
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Easy to Grow
  • Bigger & Sweeter
  • All Varieties
  • Less Watering

Nutri-FX® Top Tomato KitTM

Nutri-FX® Top Tomato KitTM produces magnificent yields of sweet and flavourful tomatoes. Friendly to the environment, Nutri-FX® method works equally well for all varieties of tomatoes; Cherry, Beef-Steak, Plum, Heirloom, you name it. In independent clinical trials this Nutri-FX® “Seed to HarvestTM” Tomato Growing method outgrows the market leader’s method by more than 150%.

The Nutri-FX® Difference

Nutri-FX® nutrient products remain dormant until the plant desires it. In juxtaposition to traditional, organic, or slow-release fertilizers that release nutrients continuously regardless of plant demand, Nutri-FX® prevents nutrient loss that can prove detrimental to our groundwater, lakes, rivers, and streams. Our products withhold up to 90% of potentially lost nutrients, and that is the Nutri-FX® guarantee!

Kit Contents:

Plant Builder
Fruit Builder
Flavor Builder
Root Builder

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