Root Builder

Pro-Active Root & Plant Enhancer

  • Any Plant or Tree
  • Introduces or Enhances Native Soil Biology
  • Enhances effectiveness of any nutrient or fertilizer
  • Increases plant nutrient uptake
  • Protects root system and plant from soil borne disease.

Contains Non-plant Food Ingredients

  • More Productive Plants
  • Increased Root Mass
  • Accelerated Nutrient Delivery

Nutri-FX® Root-BuilderTM

Nutri-FX® Root-BuilderTM is a “ProBiotic” ECO-Root Enhancer. The multifaceted consortium of beneficial Mycorrhizae Fungi provides a well-selected, compatible blend of micro-organisms to create a symbiotic relationship with the root system and form a Nutrient Super-Highway supercharging the delivery of essential nutrients, fostering vitality and rapid root system & plant development. In addition Root-BuilderTM contains Humates and Organic Thiamine (Vitamin B1). Research observed a tenfold increase in native soil biology and 25% more fertilizer nutrients in the root zone to protect the root system and plant.

The Nutri-FX® Difference

Nutri-FX® nutrient products remain dormant until the plant desires it. In juxtaposition to traditional, organic, or slow-release fertilizers that release nutrients continuously regardless of plant demand, Nutri-FX® prevents nutrient loss that can prove detrimental to our groundwater, lakes, rivers, and streams. Our products withhold up to 90% of potentially lost nutrients, and that is the Nutri-FX® guarantee!

Guaranteed Analysis:

(Nutri-FX’s® minimal nutrient loss to leaching = more performance)

Mycorrhizae – 9 Compatible Strains
(1 x 106 CFU / Gram)
0.01% Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

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