Exclusive “3R” Plant Water Saver Technology

Nutri-FX® Products Conserve Water

Each Nutri-FX® nutrient carrier particle is a tiny “sponge-like” reservoir with built in “nano” pumps that attract and retain water equivalent to 50% of its own weight and will release that water when demanded by the plant. This exclusive Nutri-FX® feature benefits plants in two ways:

  1. The “Ounce of Prevention” → Excessive water is adsorbed (stored) for the plant – preventing the roots from being affected by fungi and soil borne disease due to over saturation.
  2. The “Pound of Cure” → Stored water is plant accessible and is released on plant demand – delivering water in arid (dry) conditions.
Water Saver Plant Nutrient Diagram

Environmental Benefit → Less Watering Conserves that Precious Resource.