Exclusive Release-on-Demand Technology

Nutri-FX’s® Exclusive Release-on-Demand Technology

The Environmental Challenge

Depicted below and clearly shown in this NASA photo from the edge of outer space is the damage done to our waters by traditional fertilizer or plant food products.

Eutrophication Water Friendly Plant Nutrients

The Mississippi River Delta (upper photo of the three) is just one of many examples of the damage done. Notice the teal colored area. This is the Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” and covers an area of about 7,000 square miles. Originating from the mouth of the Mississippi River the affected area extends westward to the upper Texas coast. Nothing can live there, all aquatic life is gone resulting from the lack of dissolved oxygen caused by intense algae growth and their subsequent death – a vicious, deadly cycle. The accelerated algal growth is fueled by the profuse leaching of nutrient compounds from traditional fertilizer and plant food products (including organics). These leached nutrient compounds never reach a plant or tree and instead through our groundwater streams migrate to our surface waters and cause all this damage. Our activities in agriculture and horticulture, be them necessary or unavoidable, have caused more damage to our planet than any other human activity.

Nutri-FX® Products Meet these Challenges Head-On

Nutri-FX® plant and tree nutrient products present the most significant step to minimizing these harmful emissions and in fact contribute more to reversing the damage done than any effort ever by anyone.

Nutri-FX® nutrient products have been proven in Independent University Clinical Trials to reduce harmful nutrient compound emissions by up to 90 %