Who We Are

Our Planet’s Plants LOVE IT – we think YOU will too!

Water Saver Plant Nutrient Diagram

Environmental consciousness, a matter now embraced by all of us one way or another has been a lifelong commitment and a way of life for founders Timothy Shoniker. Nutri-FX® was born of this passion for environmental preservation and proudly introduces new concepts that re-define how plants & trees are fed and cared for. This Release-On-Demand Technology and our exclusive “3R” Water Saver technologies are explained below.

Nutri-FX™ Plant Food nutrients are truly the only real environmentally friendly choice. Pursuit of Excellence and the culmination of research efforts, spanning several different scientific and engineering disciplines over many years fuelled the result – the most environmentally friendly, non-compromise plant food available at market anywhere with distinct and desirable features:

Benefits of using Nutri-FX™ Products:

Nutri-FX™ is committed to introducing and is supplying the most innovative Eco- Friendly nutrient products at market today. We take great pride in the launch of our new Top Tomato Kit comprised of all the essential nutrients and enhancers with added “calcium’ to grow healthier, heartier and more flavourful produce without environmental compromise.

Nutri-FX™ nutrient products in clinical trials outperformed the market leader and any competitive product tested in terms of less harmful chemical leachate being leached into our waterways by up to 90% and our leachate would not grow algae – protecting our aquatic life, our children and the future.